section of Cezanne landscape using oils

cezanne landscape 3 cezanne oil landscape

I previously attempted an Acrylic painting of Cezanne’s landscape which wasn’t very successful, it was very dull and the colours were very muted. Whereas Cezanne’s landscapes are always very bright with almost outrageous hues of colour. One could argue that his main focus was to create form through tonal gradation and transcend a moment of experience, both these points would lead to the use of resonating tones. This piece is a section of his landscape done in oils. I focused in on a point so that i could concentrate better on his application of paint and hues. It also allowed me to better analyse aspects of his composition. It is very clear to me now that this landscape is comprised entirely of geometric forms, with diagonal cross-sections tearing through the center of the canvas. This in effect draws ones eye around the entire composition. My main focus whilst creating this piece was to re-create the impact that the colour used by Cezanne has but to also focus on creating geometrical forms through tonal gradation, reverting the subjects/objects back their simplest geometrical form so that their is an abstract definition between what is nature, what is manmaid, and what is “subject” and what is “background”.