Marrakech photography.

These  are some images I took that epitomise my experience of marrakech20150127_120653 20150131_171011 P1150807 P1150811 P1150941 P1150983 P1160239 P1160496 P1160506 P1160597 P1160499 P1160755


colour and texture. print workshop.

We were in the print room for the entire day and we were told to bring in materials and objects to use in the workshop and work from. The first technique was done through painting a piece of paper a certain colour using ink, once that had dried we would take an item and place it on the paper and then using the heat press for 40 seconds you can transfer the drawing on the paper with the object onto a piece of material with gives a lot of exciting outcomes.

The next technique was done through using wax were we would stretch material over a canvas and then pour melted wax over some areas and once that had dried we would add coloured ink to material which would not take to the areas covered in wax.20150122_145833 20150122_145838 20150122_145844 20150122_151433 20150122_151458 20150122_153141

I feel like the outcomes have a lot of movement in them and I could incorporate this technique with patterns and prints I find in Marrakech.

Itinerary for a week in Morocco

Morocco itinerary


  • Am. Leave for Bristol airport at 12pm, fly to Marrakech and arrive at the Riad moulay said for 10pm
    Pm. Walk around the Jamaa El Fna, explore the square and grab some food


  • 9 Am. Leave the Riad for the group tour around the medina.
  •  Visit the majorelle gardens 50MAD, and the Berber museum 20MAD , the saadian tombs, traditional Berber pharmacy, cyber gardens,
  • 2 pm traditional Moroccan group meal, Tagines/ Morrocan salad/ bread and olives.
  • 4PM  finishing the day with a tour around the souks.
  • 8 Pm. Have some green tea at the henna café, 15 MAD
  • 9 Pm. Roof/terrace meal, 60 MAD


  • 10 AM. A visit to café clock for Milo’s collaboration piece.
  • 2 Pm. Visit to the Marrakech school for the blind outside the medina, in the ville Nouvelle.
  • 6 Pm. Go to the henna café for super. 40 MAD.

9 AM. Walk around the souks and visit the workshops.


  • 11 Am. A visit to the Ben Youssef and do some drawing 20 MAD
    1 PM. A visit to the ben Youssef museum
  • 3 Pm. Visit the photography gallery and visit the roof for views of the mountain 20 MAD


  • 10 Am. Morning tutorials discussing ideas for project.
  •  11 Am. Visit the Badi palace. 20 MAD
  • 1 pm, Lunch 30 MAD
  • 3 Pm. Visit the Bahia palace 20 MAD
  • 5:30 PM. Visit café clock for Millers  exhibition and traditional Moroccan storytelling.

10 Am. Group tour to the Atlas mountain. On the way visit the Berber market and a traditional Berber house for some mint tea. Then climb the mountain until we reach the waterfalls 200MAD

  • 8 Pm. Group meal and live entertainment, music and belly dancing. 115 MAD


  • 10 Am. Return to the Majorelle gardens for some drawing. 50 MAD
  • 12 pm.Walk around the souks for some more photography.
  • 3 Pm. Food at a terrace restaurant 60 MAD
  • 5:30 PMBack to the Riad by 5:30 to catch the plane.

cultural collaboration- Morocco.

Since my practice is currently very much based on the landscapes of Cezanne and how he is able to create harmony within nature by simplifying objects into their simplest geometrical form and creates their form through the gradual modulation of tone. However to push my practice further I felt it would be crucial to chose this filed option as I feel the landscapes of Marrakech, Morocco are reminiscent of Cezanne’s landscape especially when looking at the Atlas mountain. I hope that what I will gain from this experience is the inspiration and enlightenment that will influence my practice for this module but also provide a constant pot of inspiration for the future development of my artistic direction. I hope to collect enough images and artefacts and memories that will provide enough resource for my project.