Last minute decision.

P1180069P1180186P1180192 (2)

I wasn’t completely happy with my purple drawing to be displayed in the exhibition along side my oil paintings. I feel the composition of the figures were strong and the imagery of a mounting figure was powerful, I felt as though it was much to illustrative and not as well drawn as the others. It almost seem to give to much away to the viewers compared with the other drawings I had decided to show. Therefore I decided to work on a new one with a similar composition, however with this one I focused less on being completely descriptive and heavy with  the ink and let the colour describe the figure whilst keeping the control of the ink to a minimum as I worked with wet on wet. The pink oil painting influenced me to keep the hues and tones subtle, working with pinks and purples mainly and keeping the change in tone to a minimum, I believe overall my second attempt was more fluid, abstract and subtle and therefore much more appropriate for my final piece composition.



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