Thinking about layout of ink drawings

Today i have been playing with the display and composition of my ink drawings and working out the means to which i will be hanging them. I have considered many methods go hanging and i have come to the conclusion that using pins would be the best option. Because the paper has been wet it’s become warped and using a frame or glueing the paper down would not work aesthetically. I also feel that due to the style that i have been applying the ink, the warped look of the paper adds to the fluidity and movement of my concept. In which case using velcro or magnets would also restrict the paper too much. With pins however it allows for the paper to be more malleable.  P1180174P1180176

I have also decided that i want to work with a grid composition of six drawings with a couple of inches of breathing space between each piece. I have picked what i believe to be the most successful of my drawings and i have considered the balance of colour across my grid composition. placing colder tones on either side of central warm tones and making sure the ones of much stronger hues don’t make the others look washed out.


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