final field presentation

Although we knew our end goal would be to create a series of illustrations depicting a hidden mythological world within Cardiff, we felt as a group it would be important to do some primary research through photography, mainly capturing architecture that inspired us and reflections, as we felt it created a sense of wonder and illusion. From our photography work we began our body of work.

However when we looked over all of our work we felt it needed more direction. Our individual narrative of constructing a fantasy city needed to stem from something specific to obtain a more concise and constructive final piece. So we chose to look at Gothic architecture in Cardiff as the city is noted for it’s fantasy castles, Cardiff is home to the finest Gothic revival architecture in the world. Gothic architecture is characterised by the use of pointed arches, rib vaults, large grouped windows, towers and spires. Therefore these fantastical qualities within the architecture would be a more than appropriate setting to construct our mythological narrative.

We also decided to focus in on Celtic mythology, specifically that of the Mabignogion, as the narrative appears to go hand in hand with the medievel atmosphere and introducing mythological characters would give  our final piece a stronger narrative, This really allowed us to play with the world of magic. We have mainly been focusing in on the four main branches of the Mabinogion to draw our inspiration from.

Our work focused around combining the existing gothic architecture with the motifs from the mabinogion i.e. the heads left on the spikes. For our final piece as well as creating a series of illustrations, we thought it would be interesting to create a storyboard as a stronger means of translating a narrative. Again dealing with Celtic Mythology and based in the stone circle in Bute park.  As a group we have achieved what we set out to realise, which was to create a series of illustrations that depict a hidden mythological world within the city, drawing inspiration from Celtic Mythology and Gothic architecture, if he would of had more time we could have been much more ambitious, therefore we would propose as an idea for a final piece to create a short film from the storyboard and creating a large scale version of the illustrations.


Final presentation

we felt our common values within this project lies within the concept of creating a sense of wonder. Focusing our project around the notion of ‘what if’. Our means of realising this would be through creating a fantasy city within Cardiff inspired by existing structures. Our intention is to make the viewer question their own reality. Our project also orientates around our individual interpretation of realising a fantasy city.

Final Field Power point presentation

Introduction to our project

Artist that inspired our painting project.

Egon Schielle– A German Expressionist and a major figurative painter in the 20th Century. His work is often described as intense and disturbing, the twisted body shapes and contrapposto stances create a sensation of discomfort. What i feel i need to take from his work with regards to the painting project is his use of line. His fearless, bold expressionistic outline defines his work.

Anthony Green-  This artist was my main influence for the shaped wood-bored painting. He utilises the shape of his canvas as a means of depicting his scene. He focuses on perspectives and polygonal forms. I believe this forces your eye to be drawn into the centre of the piece almost like an illusion.

David Hockney– I have been mainly focusing on his exotic landscapes for my paper painting, especially his painting ‘winter timber’. His use of plain flat colour. Panning over objects in an unnatural manner and contrasting with the sheet of colour next to it.


Patrick Hughes- Another artist that immaculately succeeds in creating illusion through perspective and the way he works with the shape of his canvas is Patrick Hughes. His work create a sense of a moving canvas that remains a 3D painting.

Edvard Munch –  The scream.  Another expressionistic artist that I have been looking to for inspiration for the way he combines the atmosphere of the background with the emotions of the subject in the foreground, mainly doing this through the use of brush-strokes.


Gothicism and the mabinogion

SCAN0005SCAN0004castelcastle hiddingSCAN0001SCAN0003SCAN0002

images from my sketchbook

bridge snake 2 snake bridge snake

finalised woodcut painting


20140326_201610The motifs for this finalised outcome from the painting projects have derived from my group field project, this notion of a hidden underground fantasy city was our focal point for the project. The strange slug-like creatures are taken from images in my sketchbook which are inspired by the mythological tale of the Welsh folklore; The Mabinogion. The colour pallet is inspired by that of Anime movies an aspect we looked at for a secondary source of inspiration.